How we work

Our work is based on the trust and close collaboration with the designers and clients that commission the production of their creations. We follow all the phases of the production process from the creation of the pattern to the final product with utmost care

Making the pattern

In this phase we create the pattern from the sketch that the client sends us with a specialised software


In this phase, highly specialised staff is dedicated to the creation of the prototypes


We automatically or manually trim depending on the type of fabric being worked on in order to guarantee optimal results


We have 40 professional and highly specialised seamstresses that work both manually and with state of the art machinery equipped with many sewing options


For this phase of production we use technologically advanced machines that allow us to obtain perfect results on all types of fabric

Manual processing

Quality control

We run complete checks at the end of the production phase on all garments produced to guarantee impeccable quality to our clients

Other services

  • Tagging
  • Storage of raw materials and finished products
  • International shipping
  • Samples
  • Photo shoots
  • Runway shows