Who we are

Fashion house works in the luxury high fashion industry, following its client from the creation of the pattern all the way to the production of the completed garment.

Located in the industrial area of Castelnuovo Vomano in the province of Teramo, we are proud to contribute to the passion and dedication that makes up the prestigious ‘Made in Italy‘ fashion brand.


With more than 30 years experience we are proud to continue the tradition, now in its second generation, that has made us leaders in luxury high fashion since 1980.
Our main clients are Italian and international prestigious high fashion companies and brands that trust our company in creating their garments.

The organisation

Thanks to our 2000 square metre studio, innovative machinery and the professionalism of 40 highly qualified and professional seamstresses, we can guarantee impeccable product quality and high productive capacities that satisfy even the most demanding of clients.



We offer our clients various services and support throughout the production phases: from the creation of the pattern to the production of the garment.

  • Pattern making
  • Production of the prototype
  • Preparing the pattern book
  • Production (trimming, production and pressing)
  • Quality control